Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tasha has an UTAU wiki page!

As the title says, I've finally made an official UTAU Wikia page for my first UTAU Tasha Jade! I had to add a dash at the end of the link name though, since apparently my old page was still there somehow...

Anyway! If you'd like to see the page, scoot over here!

As for other updates... Thankfully, my nee-chan had both Taiji and Setsuna's banks, along with the VCV bank I recorded months ago~ She sent them to me a few days back, and I've been trying to figure out what edits I made in the banks after I gave it to her... also, I'm considering making my VCV bank a completely different UTAU instead of using it Tasha's VCV bank. Well, we'll see what happens~

oh yeah speaking of VCV, I actually ended up recording a new VCV bank... whether I'll use it to replace Tasha's or not, I'm not sure. I got frustrated with the syllables of the one I recorded before so I looked at other VCV banks this time as a reclist. I'm trying to learn how to oto it though, so it won't be released any time soon!

As for recent covers... well, I haven't uploaded anything UTAU related so I made a cover of イカサマ⇔カジノ using Taiji and Tasha while my internet was off last night~

And that's it for this update! Until next time~