Tasha Jade

Name: Tasha Jade (タシャ ジャデ)
Age: 16
UTAU Birthday: October 26, 2010
Gender: Female
Model: NJA-01
Download: http://fav.me/d85ky5k
Voice Sample: http://snd.sc/15ccBn3
Hair color: Dark Brown
Headgear: Violet-Black Headphones (Unseen in concept art, but when not doing anything has them around her neck)
Eye color: Dark Violet
Earphones: Violet Earphones
Dress/Outfit: Purple sleeveless shirt, Dark blue jacket (sleeves are until her fingers), Eighth note necklace, Black jeans, Lavender doll shoes/ballerina shoes with strings/laces to make it resemble sneakers.
Character Item: None
Others: Hair is usually loose and partially covering one eye, with one stray lock on the other side of her face. She is almost always seen wearing a jacket or hoodie.
Nationality/Race: Filipino

Usage Clause:

Do NOT claim her or her voicebank as yours.
Do NOT edit or redistribute her voicebank.
Do NOT use her commercially.
Please give proper credit to tashaj4de when using Tasha Jade
Please do not edit this wiki page without tashaj4de/NJAM's permission.

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