Setsuna Rin

Name: Setsuna Rin (凛 雪奈)
Age: 17
UTAU Birthday: August 19, 2013
Gender: Female
Model: NJA-02
Hair color: Red
Headgear: Black ponytail
Eye color: Blue
Earphones: White Earphones
Dress/Outfit: Pale sleeveless dress with the bottom half of the chest black, Dark Violet short jacket with a black stripe across its chest, long sleeves and an opening at the shoulders, brown cross/net patterned belt with a silver buckle, loose gray/white socks and brown diamond patterned slip-ons.
Character Item: Crocheted bracelet (A simple item that anyone can make, meant to represent how she's meant to be a normal type of character. Also, those types of bracelets can also be called "Friendship bracelets", signifying her wish to make friends)
Others: Hair is usually in a side ponytail
Nationality/Race: 1/4 Japanese and 3/4 Filipino
Voice sample: (old bank) ||

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