Sunday, April 27, 2014

UTAU Taiji and Setsuna Rin almost done!

UTAUs Taiji and Setsuna Rin are almost done being recorded!

That's right, I said Setsuna Rin. It turns out the voicebank I meant to record for Tasha Jade sounded different, since I accidentally lowered my voice a little during my recordings. So she'll have an official voicebank soon!

Taiji's art is finished, although I still have to work on his full concept art along with Setsuna's. The one I had for Setsuna before... well, I think I've improved on my art since then.

That's all for now! Again, I apologize for not updating this blog often. Oh right! Before I leave, I'll show you guys some covers uploaded recently that has my UTAU in it~

【UTAU】ハウトゥー世界征服【Kue ・ Tasha Jade】

【UTAU】イノコリ先生 - Detention Teacher [Tasha Jade ・ KUE]
【UTAUカバー】【Kazuki Kotone】+♂ ( PLUS BOY ) 【SILVER ・Tasha Jade ・Shian ・Mio Kotone】

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