Monday, August 18, 2014

Well... Updates again!

Hey guys!

Here I am with another update~

Taiji and Setsuna's VBs have both been recorded, it's just that I need to make them into separate files and oto them now. However I put working on their VBs on pause because I'm doing a favor a friend- yes, it's UTAU VB related which is why I'm putting it here. I'm not even close to done though...

To take a break from it, I tried making a Lite VCV bank for Tasha~ I'm pretty sure I recorded it wrong though, especially since I'm pretty much a noob at Oremo xD I think I didn't do too bad... anyway I tried to oto it and it sounded waaaayyy different-- the next time I try to record a VCV, I'm following a reclist. I'll use the 5-mora one my nee-chan gave me, although it is a bit difficult to read... I wonder which VB it was from though?

Oh, speaking of who! My nee-chan made a cover using Tasha Jade, which she uploaded to her Soundcloud account some time ago. Listen to it below~

That's all for now! See you next time~

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