Monday, February 2, 2015

Tasha Jade's VCV and Concept art!

So I forgot to mention it before- but I recorded a VCV bank for Tasha Jade, and it's currently being oto'd by my nee-chan CyanOnigiri~
(Of course, I'm trying to practice oto-ing it myself as well-- but I'm doing it for practice more than anything else)

Oh, and Tasha Jade's Concept Art was uploaded some time ago as well! You can see it on my Deviantart account over here

I'm working on Setsuna Rin's concept art next, but first!

I've been commissioned by the new UTAU user kokorohane to draw two images for an UTAU PV! I've finished the sketch of the first image as I type this, so I'm working on the second image next. The pose is a little tricky, but I'll do my best for my first commission!

That's all from me, see you guys next time!

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