Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lost the files

To be specific, my netbook crashed last Thursday (April 16) and all the files in it went down with it-- one of my relatives is trying to see if she could recover the files, and gave me her old laptop (which is much faster than my netbook) to use.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to save my UTAU voicebanks- specifically, Tasha Jade's VCV, and Setsuna Rin and Taiji Fujisato's banks. I know I gave the original bank for Setsuna and Taiji to my nee-chan, but I have yet to contact her about it so I can have their VBs on this laptop.

I've been pretty inactive in the UTAU community lately, so I suppose it didn't really impact me too much- still, I don't want to waste the effort I put in their banks in the first place ;;

That's it for now I guess? Oh, and in my last post I mentioned that I was commissioned by Kokorohane to draw her UTAU for a PV-- here's the finished video of Hikari Yume's cover of "Silent Snow" by Mijipin-P!

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