Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Commission + Updates

I was recently commissioned by kokorohane to draw her UTAU Hikari Yume in the clothing and pose of Nemesis Sudou from Muzzle of Nemesis (Wrath's song in mothy-p's Seven Sins series!)
View the full drawing here:
You can listen to the cover here:

On other news, I finally managed to download some of the UTAUs for the UTAU choruses I was trying to do last year! I just need to decide on a song and I'll start working on them again. I'm not sure what to use (All of my UTAU files were in my crashed netbook), but I'm definitely planning on uploading it soon! Err, if I still have enough space in my soundcloud account that is... I might end up putting only part of the cover on SC then putting the whole cover on either Youtube (with a subbed video) or in Dropbox/Box. We'll see!

Until next time~

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